The Winton Law Firm represents clients in the following criminal court matters: Class A, B and C Misdemeanors; State Jail, Third-Degree, Second-Degree and First-Degree Felonies; Probation and Deferred Adjudication Violations; Expunctions of Criminal Records; Nondisclosures of Criminal Records; Federal Court Offenses and Trials.


The Winton Law Firm represents juvenile clients in the following court proceedings: Detention Hearings; Status Hearings; Adjudication Hearings; Disposition Hearings; and Trials.


The Winton Law Firm represents clients in the following family court matters: Premarital Agreements; Postnuptial Agreements; Uncontested (Agreed) Divorces with or without Children or Property; Contested Divorces with Children and/or Property; Child Support Orders; Child Custody (aka Conservatorship) Orders; Child Visitation (aka Access and Possession) Orders; Modification of Existing Orders; Enforcement of Existing Orders; Petitions for Change of Name; Trials; and Motions for New Trial.


The Winton Law Firm represents clients in disputes between two or more parties that has escalated to a civil lawsuit where attorney representation is essential to presenting the case before a judge or jury.  Civil disputes include: Personal Injury; Breach of Contract; and Small Claims Court Matters.


The Winton Law Firm represents clients in filing the following probate court suits: Applications for Heirship; Affidavits of Heirship; Applications for Independent Administration; Applications for Dependent Administration; Small Estate Affidavits; and Applications for Sale of Real Property of a Minor.


The Winton Law Firm drafts and facilitates execution of the following documents: Last Will in Testament; Designation of a Guardian of the Person and/or Estate; Power of Attorney (Durable and/or Statutory); Physician’s Directive; and HIPAA Release.


The Winton Law Firm mediates civil (non-family law) disputes that require a neutral third-party to facilitate a conversation that may lead to a resolution without court intervention.

The Winton Law Firm undertakes legal work voluntarily and without payment through annual events hosted by the Legal Ministry of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.


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